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Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson’s atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive and focal points for any space. By expressing the power of light playing amongst the water drops, she shows the abstract, surreal side to the natural world. Her seascapes follow a deep tradition, but she modernises and brings to a contemporary forefront. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes and figures do reveal themselves, they appear lost and fragile against the infinite space of the world around. The atmosphere these works portray could easily be viewed as pure abstractions, each detail vital enough to stand alone. Ephemeral, warm powerful and evocative she creates a sense of movement through colour, light and balance. She delicately handles the world she depicts around her, she has the power to not only move the viewer but to make a lasting impression. She has had high acclaim all across Europe and is soon to exhibit in the Middle East. Her work continues to reach clients on an international scale.


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