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Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass is known throughout the world for high quality paperweights and artglass. Since inception in 1961 they have taken their inspiration from the colours of the Scottish landscape - warm peaty tones, purple heather , golden sunsets, the grey blue of the lochs. In 1968 Caithness added glass engraving to their skills and in 1969 they developed innovative techniques for producing abstract paperweights. Today, over 30 years later, the paperweight studios in Crieff combine the finest design and traditional skills to create pieces which are entirely unique and are now regarded as one of the world's most respected producers of museum-quality paperweights. The Rose Gallery is pleased to stock a wide selection of paperweights and other glass art by Caithness. For further details please contact the gallery on 03127 341000 or email info@therosegallery.co.uk


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