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Debbie Boon Artist Proofs

What is an Artist Proof? Traditionally an Artist Proof was a print made by the artist during the print-making process in order to understand the progress of the printing plate the artist was working on. A 'work in progress print'. With the development of modern day printing techniques it now refers to a number of finished prints that are in addition to the main limited edition and are of the exact same quality. Artist proofs should never exceed 10% of the size of the main limited edition. Artist Proofs may be of the exact same format as the main limited Edition but in Debbie Boon's case they are of a different format. Art Collectors often prefer artist proofs because there are fewer of them. For collector's of Debbie Boon the Artist Proof offers an opportunity to enjoy a print which closely replicates the look and finish and scale of the original painting.


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