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Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak provides a fresh and unique approach to Cityscape paintings. His work is both idiosyncratic and contemporary encouraging us to look at familiar cityscape images of London and New York with fresh eyes. Dylan Izaak was born in 1971 in Rugby. He has travelled extensively during his life living both in the UK and Australia. He started his career by working as a street artist. He would draw detailed pen and ink pictures of famous buildings and portraits, and as a self taught artist he developed a highly personal style. During this time he also painted in other mediums and styles but purely for his own pleasure, never realising that his work may be a means to make a living. After nine years he returned to England and decided to open an art gallery of his own. Limited funds forced him to be original, and he came up with the novel idea of using a traditional narrow boat as a venue. In 2012 Dylan was one of the official artists for the British Olympics.


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