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John Horsewell

Essex- born John Horsewell has had a love of art from a young age-not surprising coming from a family of professional artists. At school he experimented with a range of media, but oils suited him best, with his style of working, allowing him to convey the light and shadow he desired. After leaving school he entered the world of interior design, painting in his spare time. He exhibited extensively; first locally and across the rest of the UK as his popularity increased. In 1978 he decided to pursue painting as a full time profession, and has experienced great success in doing so. Frequently Horsewell nowadays chooses to depict his most loved landscapes, from Southern Europe to Florida, where he spends a lot of time there. Using both brushes and palette knives his paintings achieve there distinctive texture. The style in which he paints communicates the pleasure of the location he has enjoyed, inviting the viewer to share in the experience with him. Working today from his studio on the Essex/ Suffolk border, Horsewell continues to express his affection for the natural world around him, his technique ever evolving.


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