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Kirsty Wither

As a Scot who graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, the Colourist heritage has always been peripherally apparent but what makes Kirsty’s work instantly identifiable is the depth and subtlety of the lavishly applied layers of oil paint. There is an almost sculptural feel to the surface of the work created by her vigorous use of the palette knife. Kirsty Wither's studio is a riot of colour, of canvases on every wall, of brushes and palette knives on every surface. Yet appearances can be deceptive, for the paintings which Wither creates here are well thought out, expertly made, while at the same time maintaining that all important ability to excite. Oil has been her preferred medium since the very beginning. “When I first discovered oil paint at Art School that was me hooked,” she says. “The smell, the texture, the handling and the mess was to me just wonderful.


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