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Mr Kuu

Beginning three years ago, the mystery that is Mr Kuu, has now exhibited all over the world. With a Father that was a successful photographer, Mr Kuu was bound to be inspired to take up photography from a young age. Being a stickler for detail and a wild imagination-from behind a camera lens, he creates life as we rarely see it. Whether deliberate or accidental his artwork is always beautiful and simply truthful. With painstakingly scouted locations or simply stumbled upon, he combines miniature figures, macro photography & capturing our day to day habitats & parts of our environment that we often taken for granted, to form these fantastic artworks. He carefully introduces miniature figures that at once bring a story and a humanity to their backdrop. Seeking for us to consider the world around us & to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. He strongly believes life is all about having fun. “The world around us offers a rich tapestry from which to draw, you don’t have to go too far from your front door to find beauty in a small detail. I want people to enjoy these creations, to enjoy life!”


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