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Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines is the face of modern British impressionism. Sherree’s art frequently captures quintessentially British summer events, such as Royal Ascot and the Henley Regatta. Her work frequently features elegant ladies enjoying their summer surroundings, often with a glass of champagne close by. The sense of happiness, harmony and well-being is palpable. Sherree Valentine Daines is an accomplished portrait painter. In fact, the Daily Express called her the ‘artist to the stars’. She has painted luminaries such as Joanna Lumley, Michael Parkinson and Jonny Wilkinson. People like Sherree to paint their portraits because her impressionistic tendencies smooth out their hard edges, while still maintaining a high level of detail. When Sherree paints children, she always manages to capture their innocence, joy and playfulness. The settings where she paints her subjects, beaches, sun-drenched fields, create beautiful and evocative images. Sherree Valentine Daines’ limited edition prints are available signed, with a certificate of authenticity. They are available either framed or mounted. On painting the portrait of a society bride, Sherree said. ‘She was a young lady with the world at her feet, but could still be moved by art, which I found genuinely touching.’


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