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Vincent Kamp

Never being trained in art Vincent Kamp has developed his skill for painting over time, he admits, art is incredibly hard and to even to portray emotion in an artwork can be a challenge. Before he became the success, he is today, to understand form, colour, light, and dark and a range of other factors he took up life drawing and sculpture, even delving into copying artwork from such masters like Michelangelo. He visited the National Galleries, where he learnt how the masters could make colour sing. But he also learnt from the modern masters, studying a while with one. His artwork displays his strong influence of cinema and tv, with the contrast of light and dark, firmly believing that by manipulating these things can completely alter the feel and scene of a painting. Combining aspects from daily life and his fascination of interesting people and characters. Some of his recent artwork depicts barber shops combined with a variety of characters. His pieces often begin with charcoal studies, so he can get to know the character, then moving into applying colour, with further studies. Finally, the oil painting takes form on a aluminium sheet, where he gradually puts everything together, with a lot of back and forth, he pushes the painting to its limits. His artwork evokes emotions, fascination and intrigue, he seeks out moments of tension, as he always likes to think there is something surreptitious going on. More than anything he believes that there is nothing more incredible than being able to produce a piece of artwork-something that is truly one of a kind.


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