Born in Naples in 1959, Antonio has dedicated his whole life to painting. Whilst studying art, he has been inspired by both abstract and figurative styles. His city paintings range from London to Rome and he finds inspiration in the tall geometric buildings in Manhattan. “Sharp strokes and interruptions – the finished and the unfinished.” Antonio begins each piece by taking a photograph, focusing hard on capturing the best light. He then paints onto aluminium, applying oils with brushes, spatulas and even his fingers, adding and removing the paint as he goes. This helps to achieve the subtle shimmer that is unique to his work. Not only does he paint cityscapes, but he is a magician at capturing the beautiful textures of the waters surface. He finishes each piece with a resin glaze adding to the overall reflective effect. “The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty of the light. It is the light that I paint, and the beauty of the landscape unfolds.” His originals are highly priced and are in considerable demand internationally.

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