It's not just art, everything looks better in a frame.

We all own objects that we love to look at, that we’re proud to show to our friends and family, that we want to keep safe. There’s no better way to treat these treasures than to put them in a frame.

When you have an object professionally framed, you know it’s going to look great. You can mount it on your wall for all to see. Plus, framing is an effective way to protect your treasures from acidity in the air which can fade them. When you frame it, you know it will give you pleasure for years to come.

At The Rose Gallery, we’ve been providing quality bespoke frames for years. As you’d expect, we’re experts at framing artwork.

When you buy a wonderful piece of artwork from our gallery, we can frame it for you, so you can display it and enjoy it as soon as possible. Plus, if you own a painting, photograph, tapestry or cross stitch, we can find a bespoke frame for you. Sometimes as the years pass, frames can become damaged or just look a bit dated. We can give your artwork a new lease of life with a brand new moulding and mount.

However, it’s not just art. We also make frames for much else besides. Football shirts, rugby shirts, shoes, hats, medals, even cricket bats have been mounted by our experts. We have a frame for almost anything.

When you visit The Rose Gallery Bell showroom in Kingsthorpe, Northampton, we’ll find out about the story behind your treasure, and recommend the best way to frame it. We’ll take time to help you choose the frame that’s right for your needs. We have a wide selection of frames in a variety of materials to choose from. If we don’t have exactly what you want, we can source it from our suppliers. Our framing service has been commended by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Visit the Rose Gallery today to talk through what you need with our friendly, local experts. If it’s a larger piece, we can even visit you in your home, with a selection of mouldings and mounts, to discuss what you need.


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