Experience fine art in your home, delivered with our personal service and expertise.

Want to take the doubt out of buying the right artwork for your home?

The right art makes a house a home, but how can you be sure the piece you love in the gallery will work in your space? Our expert team provide you with that assurance with a home consultation.


How it works

We'll arrange a chat on the phone where we'll ask you about your home interior and what kind of art and styles you like. One of our friendly, knowledgeable team will then visit you in your home, equipped with a selection of great artwork we think you’ll love.

You can then enjoy the experience of viewing different pieces in your home and seeing how it transforms your space, whether it's paintings, limited edition prints or sculpture.

When you buy art from The Rose Gallery, we want you to be confident before you make a commitment, and we think the home visit really helps with this process. There’s no substitute for viewing art in your own setting.


What do our home consultation customers say?

"Being able to see pieces of art in my home before we committed to a purchase was a lovely personal touch. We were delighted with the services of Deborah and her team. Every day I have the joy of seeing a piece of art that I love in my home."


Take a look through our brochure below and be inspired by some of our previous home consultations.


Get in touch

If you love the idea of art being brought to your home or simply want to find out more, get in touch on 01604 713743.

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