Bernard combines abstraction and impressionism to create vivid, painterly seascapes in which the illusion of form is created with colour, stroke, and texture rather than of line. The acclaimed Spanish artist has a destinctive signature style, he sets the scene with a swirling blue background of sea and sky, painted with open, spontaneous brushwork reminiscent of the early impressionists. The boats which dominate the foreground are semi-abstract, depicted as jewel-like mosaics of ochre, magenta and the palest green and making the entire canvas resonate with light, energy and joie de vivre..
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Sailing Breezily III Original Painting
 Original Painting on Box Canvas This Original Painting has now sold - please contact the gallery if you would like to view alternate Bernard Original artwork 0% Interest Free Finance Available Free 30 days Insurance Available  Gift Wrapping available  Free UK...
Sail Home IV - Original


Sail Home IV - Original
Sail Home IV is an Original artwork by artist Bernard, capturing an abstract style ship on a rough sea. With a grace of movement and play of light, this seascape comes to life with spontaneity and transports the viewer in...

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