Capture Your Happy Place

Calling all explorers, daydreamers, and art lovers! Do you have a picture that perfectly captures your favourite holiday haunt? Whether it's a hidden beach cove, a quirky pub sign, a dramatic cliffside view, or a sun-drenched rock pool world within a world, we want to see it! To celebrate our Gary Walton Meet the Artist event in June, we’re launching an exciting competition to uncover the unexpected beauty and joy found in your special holiday destinations. Is there a place that fills you with a sense of wonder? A quirky detail that brings a smile to your face? We're looking for surprising and captivating photos that capture the essence of your happy holiday place.

The winner will receive a fantastic £250 Rose Gallery gift voucher! Imagine treating yourself to a beautiful piece of art that evokes the joy of your favourite holiday memories, or perhaps discovering a new artist who captures the essence of exploration you love.We can't wait to see your entries and enjoy a journey through your happy places.

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