A Place You Know - Hardback book
A Serene limited edition art prints & books from acclaimed British landscape artist John Waterhouse. This hardback book features a fine collection of John Waterhouse's atmospheric contemporary landscape paintings combined with revealing narrative that gives insight into his inspirations and creative processes. This...
Cutting Edge Tom Butler Artbook
Artbook from leading artist Tom Butler Hardback book Open edition Free UK Delivery
Fish and Ships Book
Open Edition art book from acclaimed artist Rebecca Lardner, showcasing her stunning artwork on every page New customers receive 5% off their first order with code ROSE05
Out of the Shadows Book
Out of the Shadows art book by Mackenzie Thorpe Free UK Delivery Perfect gift for lovers of Mackenzie's work Please contact the gallery for further information on 01604 713743 or email us at info@therosegallery.co.uk
Panini, Pretzels, Pernod and Paint (Artists Book)
Panini, Pretzels, Pernod & Paint is a book by artist Henderson Cisz. The hardback book is complete with 180 full-colour pages highlighting the work of the famed cityscape artist. Henderson takes us on a tour of his nine favourite cities...
The Devil's in the Detail - Open Book
A wonderful homage to Todd White's vibrant and iconic work. 'The Devil's in the Detail' is a beautiful collection of Todd White's artwork, presented in a exquisite, hardback book. An ideal gift for any fan or collector of Todd's work. This...

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