Art for your Kitchen and Dining Room

Art for the Kitchen

Kitchens and dining rooms are often the busiest in the house with family life but perhaps also the space where we can have the most fun with decorating, finding artwork that transforms the atmosphere or shows your personality.

The Rose Gallery team explain styles to consider and how to create a focal point in your kitchen.


Find matching pieces

Building a full ‘gallery wall’ effect can feel like an intimidating design prospect for many – choosing different sizes, complimentary photos or prints, all requires a lot of thought and a good eye.

Alternatively, artists often release a complimentary duo or triptych of paintings which do all the hard work for you. They are matching sizes, framing and tones and are an easy way to create a theme in your room.


One wonderful statement artwork

If you have a large space to fill behind your dining table, this is where you can go big with your art! One impactful painting will command attention and be the focal point of the room. When choosing a larger piece, it’s important to decide what kind of atmosphere you’d like.

Landscapes promote rest and wellbeing, or perhaps you want the room to feel modern and unique. If so, take a look at a colourful urban-inspired artwork that will be a real talking point in your room. If your kitchen units and walls are fairly neutral in colour, art gives you a great opportunity to add some wow factor.



Compliment your paint colour

If colour is your thing, you may have gone for a strong wall paint to compliment your kitchen. Art does a great job of breaking up colour, providing an interesting contrast or often to simply compliment the style and tone of your kitchen. Don’t forget, the type of framing you choose can play an important part in this too. In this example, our customer has chosen a sepia and metallic toned artwork by John Waterhouse to compliment her rural green kitchen wall, painted with Farrow and Ball Treron. 


Farrow and Ball Treron


Bring the garden indoors

With summer approaching, our kitchen and dining rooms are often where we are closest to the outdoors and our garden becomes an extension of that space. The art on your kitchen walls can reflect that, depicting colourful florals, birds, bees or simply reflect a love for the outdoors. Artist Inam creates textured, colourful paintings of forests.  


If you’d like help finding a scheme that works for your home, The Rose Gallery provide home consultations in person or online.

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