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We have an exciting opportunity in April and May 2023 for a brand new piece by Mr Brainwash celebrating the historic coronation of King Charles III.

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In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Visionary French street artist Mr. Brainwash has launched a 'timed release' edition titled "Queen of Hearts"

The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II is a truly momentous event: no other monarch in British history has ever celebrated seventy years on the throne!

Mr. Brainwash saw the Jubilee celebrations in 2022 as an opportunity to create his own personal tribute to someone who has inspired his work for many years.

Releasing this witty and affectionate portrait as a timed edition was his way of collaborating with the British public, letting our admiration for Her Majesty the Queen determine exactly how many copies would be created in this commemorative collector’s edition.


What is a Timed Edition? 

When an edition has a set buying window, no further editions can be purchased or created after the window of time closes, this means anyone who did not buy during the timed edition will have to wait until one of the original buyers is willing to sell their edition on the secondary market. 


Have other artists released Timed Editions?

In 2021, Damien Hirst’s series of 8 prints titled The Virtues were released in the most successful print release of all time.
The artworks were available to purchase in a timed edition of just 6 days, and were offered for $3,000 USD each. Fast forward to just a year later, these artworks were being sold in galleries all over the world for an average of over £20,000 – and are still climbing.

The timed edition is still a new way of selling artworks, but it has also been adopted by contemporary graphic artist KAWS and influential American photographer Nan Goldin. 

Mr Brainwash, who has always wanted to create and exhibit artworks in innovative and exciting ways, is the next superstar artist to endeavour on a timed edition release.


Mr Brainwash Queen of Hearts timed release

Mr. Brainwash

Queen of Hearts

Silkscreen Paper Edition

Artwork size: 22"x30" | Framed size: 30"x38"


A printed certificate of authenticity will come with each edition in this timed release.


What's the story behind this piece?

‘Queen of Hearts’ features a photograph of the Queen taken by Dorothy Wilding on the occasion of her coronation on June 2nd 1953, the first official photographic sitting for the young queen in her new role as monarch.

Seventy years later, standing as the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch in history, she is beloved by the British public, and an icon of our history. 

Mr. Brainwash surrounds Her Majesty with symbols of British Cool, recognising her skill at staying calm through some of the most difficult socio-political crises the country has ever faced.

As the longest-serving female head of state, she is pretty rock and roll!

Out of her gown emerge a pair of peony tattoos, a symbol of strength and bravery in traditional Japanese tattooing.

The colours of her sash, tattoos and lipstick match up with the colours of the spray-painted Union Jack behind her: they stand together as symbols of the United Kingdom.

On her sash, Mr. Brainwash has added a collection of pin badges, ranging from iconic British rock bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones, to the peace sign, to the classic Keep Calm ad Carry On: a perfect description of the Queen’s approach to rule. These pins are set alongside the star of the Order of the Garter, the most senior order of knighthood in the United Kingdom.

British identity is as much made up of our popular culture as it is the ancient order of chivalry. Just like the Platinum Jubilee, we are defined as much by our heritage and tradition, as we are by our creativity and innovation.


The sale of this artwork commences at 12pm Tuesday 3rd May and ends in gallery & online at midnight Tuesday 10th May 2022.

Edition size will be determined by the number of orders received during this period.


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