Artist Spotlight: Discover the Extraordinary Talent of Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce Lose Yourself in the Music

Dan Pearce is an exceptional artist, exploring mixed media in works which blend contemporary urban art with the Pop Art influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein. Bringing together styles, techniques, and various influences he creates striking works that draw attention - and keeps it.

Street Art for Your Home

Dan Pearce Modern Muse

The street art scene has grown significantly in the last few years and Dan Pearce is a master in this space. He’s been exhibiting since 2013 - both in the UK and internationally - and his rising popularity shows no sign of slowing.

Born in Australia, Pearce now lives in London creating works that bring together collage, graffiti, resin and more to render images, icons and phrases from pop culture across decades. With many well-known collectors including premiership footballers, Anthony Joshua, 50 Cent and Rag’n’Bone Man, his works are always in demand. 

Dan is also involved in supporting many charities, fundraising through the sale of his artwork. In 2018, the sale of one of his originals featuring endangered wildlife raised £5500 for the Peter Jones Foundation. He also donates work to the annual Acton Homeless charity auction, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, WWF, the British Heart Foundation, wildlife conservation charities and organisations combating the effects of Australian bushfires. 

While new releases often reflect familiar themes - smiley faces, Marilyn Monroe, embellished frames - Dan continues to introduce new motifs and techniques into his work.

We love having these vibrant pieces in the gallery, works which display real energy - pulling visitors into their orbit to explore their textures and materials, the details which make these pieces distinct. 

You can see examples of Dan's work here - enjoy!


Dan Pearce Queen of Queens III - Original

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