Gary Walton, Artist: See The World With A Fresh Perspective


The work of Gary Walton is full of character, imagination and joy.

Describing his own style, Gary says it’s "very whimsical, romantic and happy; quirky, two-dimensional with a slight intriguing air of fantasy combined with a twist of reality within."

This fantasy world he creates draws us in, reflecting our own reality - particularly the coastline he loves - while offering an opportunity to consider unusual ideas and perspectives.

Having been born in Worcester in 1962, Gary enjoyed exploring his creativity while at school before entering the world of work as a graphic designer. He continued to paint, deepening his skills and developing his own style further. He has been inspired by the works of surrealists including Salvador Dali, a connection we can see in his unique world - with recognisable elements and yet often so different from our own.

In 2004 Gary earned a position as finalist in the DeMontfort New Artist competition, gaining a publishing contract with this leading fine art publisher. Through this relationship, new collectors have come to appreciate his work and - having been able to commit to his work full-time - Gary has been able to explore his interests and inspiration.

While Gary Walton’s work can be described as quirky, fantastical and surreal there is a comfort in the facets we recognise which combine to invite us into his world and explore.

At the Rose Gallery, we love to be able to share the joy of new pieces by popular artists and the work of Gary Walton definitely falls into that category.

If you’d like to know more about Gary's work we’d be happy to help - do get in touch, or pop into the gallery. You can view Gary's collection online here.

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