How to Make A Statement With The Perfect Contemporary Sculpture For Your Space

Have you ever thought about sculpture for your home? 

Sculpture can be quite daunting - it looks tactile but, because it's art, you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to touch it. It's solid and weighty, taking up space and asking to be admired. People have all kinds of concerns which put them off choosing sculptural pieces, but would you consider it?

The physicality and texture of a sculpture appeals to senses not captured by a painting, while its shape and size can either stand out or fit into your room - do you want to make a statement? Or enhance the look and feel of your room? 

As with any other artwork, choosing a sculpture is very personal, you’ll be looking for something which appeals to you and works within your space. You’ll need to think about:

  • the size of the piece and where you’d place it.
    Will it be on furniture? For freestanding pieces, you might want to place something where you expect to position it to see how that works in the room.
  • the materials and how they work within the room.
    Woods might feel natural in your space, bright metallics will often stand out - what impact are you hoping for?
  • are you creating a focal point?

People are often surprised at the range of sculptural pieces we have available in the gallery. There are contemporary artists today creating everything from small wildlife creatures to larger figurative pieces, from humorous and quirky characters to stunning realism. 

We’d like to introduce you to some of our most popular contemporary sculptors. 

Richard Cooper: Capturing Nature in Bronze

Richard Cooper and Company create works celebrating the English countryside alongside playful pets, exotic wildlife, flowers and vegetation. These works have astounding detail, engaging textures, and an energy that brings the creatures to life, bringing real character and focus to any room.



The sculpture Freedom by Carl Payne - a stunning figurative work.

Carl Payne: Figurative Beauty and Grace

Carl Payne creates figurative pieces in bronze with a bold contemporary style. Inspired by music and the female form, his pieces are vibrant and full of energy providing a dramatic focal point wherever you see them.





Jennine Parker: Celebrating Movement and Emotion

The stunning Connection, by Jennine Parker

Jennine Parker tells us that dance and gymnastics played a large part in her life, from an early age. Even now, we can see this influence with work full of grace and strength; movement and texture playing a significant role.

Parker’s sculptures are bold and sensuous, encouraging you to reach out and enjoy the texture as well as admire the piece from every angle.





Michael Talbot sculpture, Forever Love

Michael Talbot: Illuminating Form and Balance

A celebrated sculptor, Michael Talbot’s inspiration is the human form. It’s astonishing how much emotion he conveys, particularly in his most recent works featuring hands joining in tender moments.

Sculpting his original forms in clay before they are cast in bronze, Talbot then refines and enhances each piece with a unique patina and stunning finish.




Doug Hyde: Sharing Joy and Love

Doug Hyde creates works with real affection, his popular pieces depict smiles easily shared. Hyde’s sculptural art brings his characters to life in three dimensions. Cast in porcelain, these pieces have the polished finish of his paintings, bringing a smile wherever they are seen.

We’d love you to visit the Rose Gallery and see some of the amazing artists in our collection, or you can view our Sculpture Collection right here on the website.

One Love Sculpture (White and Silver) Doug Hyde

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