Artist spotlight: Josie Appleby - Capturing Nature You’ll Adore

 Josie Appleby, Peacock

Artist spotlight: Josie Appleby - Capturing Nature You’ll Adore

There is something truly remarkable about the artist who can capture animals and wildlife with real movement and character, who takes you to a place where you can hear the hooves on the ground and almost smell the stable.

Josie Appleby is one of those artists, bringing the subjects of her animal portraits to life using brush strokes to create texture and action. She brings together contemporary and traditional influences, creating a truly mesmerising collection that captivates art enthusiasts across the country. We're thrilled to have a sample of her work in the gallery and want to tell you a little more about this hugely talented artist.

Equestrian Art with Vision

Josie Appleby, Free SpiritJosie remembers horse riding at an early age, an activity she loved and which has shaped her artistic practice. Starting her university career in fashion, she found success at the London branch of the prestigious Instituto Marangoni, gaining the offer of an internship at the Alexander McQueen fashion house after only a year.  

Despite this success, Josie chose to return to her love of horses studying equine sports science. It was here Josie established her deep understanding of horses and their form, taking photographs to understand the detail of their movements and micro movements - an understanding which provides a solid foundation for her equestrian art and wildlife paintings.

Citing a number of impressionist painters as her influences, particularly Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and the teachings of Harold Speed. Josie explores their techniques and understanding  of expression, she says “I try in my paintings to capture movement as they did with bold marks using thick paint to create different depths of texture with multiple layers… The merging of traditional art and contemporary art is a balance I dance between in every painting.” (Josie Appleby - Collier Dobson)

A Contemporary Impressionist with Flair

 “As I have grown my whole approach and philosophy as an artist has been shaped by the people and animals in my life. In moments of despair, love, frustration and happiness there is always lurking somewhere a glimpse of hope. This is what I try to convey into my paintings, something unexplainable that inspires your imagination. For me this is captured in when your conscious and sub conscious work in perfect harmony. Art to me is a permanent reminder of hope.” 

Josie Appleby, Indian Runner DucksJosie’s equestrian art is celebrated and understandably so. She presents these amazing animals in movement or at rest, alone or with riders, she uses oils, pastels and even the board or fabric itself to bring her horses to life. All these techniques can also be seen in Josie’s other animal portraits - birds, dogs, and more - all captured in a moment to bring us their story. 

Within the gallery we have a number of limited edition prints and artist proofs which have wowed our visitors and we’d encourage any fan of wildlife paintings or equestrian art to have a look at Josie’s work.

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