A Perfect Tribute To Royal Ascot: Sherree Valentine Daines

About Sherree Valentines Daines


Having recently celebrated 35 years as an artist, the plaudits for Sherree Valentine Daines’ work keep coming. The Daily Express have named her “the face of modern British impressionism” and “artist to the stars” because of her portrait work. Many celebrities and members of the British Royal Family, including Sir John Major, Joanna Lumley, Sir Michael Parkinson and Jonny Wilkinson have all sat for her.

Sherree Valentine Daines carefree happy days

Sherree’s beautiful paintings have been exhibited at such renowned venues as the Tate Gallery, the Barbican, and more; while her work is also in the Lord's Museum and many other private collections worldwide. While being lauded as the critic's choice Sherree is also the people's choice, having won numerous high-profile awards, she was officially voted the UK's leading Modern Impressionist.

In a partnership which continues to delight her, 2019 saw Sherree Valentine Daines appointed Artist in Residence to Cunard's Three Queens - the ocean liners Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, and Queen Mary 2. Her audience extends far further than all these prestigious showings, however, with an increasing number of television appearances including 'To the Manor Bowen' and 'This Morning'. She was also featured on 'How the Rich Get Hitched', painting a stunning commission of a society bride. 

Those collecting Sherree Valentine Daines work are in a growing community - one which she herself celebrates and embraces with exclusive privileges for her patrons including private audiences and VIP previews.

Modern Impressionist Art in Sherree’s Elegant World

With her beautiful crafting, Sherree presents a vision of British life which is idyllic, stylish, and seemingly carefree. Her paintings combine exquisite observation with a softness achieved through her impressionist brushstrokes, creating stunning portraits which capture a moment in time. Her works evoke deep connections, drawing you into the innocence of a childhood among peaceful meadows and bright rock pools, or joyful high society gatherings including the Royal Ascot. These works present a timelessness which appeals to many, a golden glow of remembered summers which could be real or imagined.

Sherree Valentine Daines PINK CHAMPAGNE, ASCOT

Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Ascot

Here at the Rose Gallery, we’re incredibly pleased to present Sherree’s latest collection. This collection includes more of her Royal Ascot paintings, wonderfully timed to reflect the event this month. Her pieces invite us in, to enjoy personal, intimate moments alongside the spectacle, with bright, eye-catching prints next to warm, incisive sculptures.  

Sherree Valentine Daines White Sails


These latest Sheree Valentine Daines prints invite viewers to inhabit her delightful world of ‘Sunlight and Shadows’, play with boats at the seaside in ‘White Sails’, or enjoy ‘Afternoon Tea at Ascot’. 

As one of the standout pieces in the collection, 'Afternoon Tea at Ascot', captures the tradition and elegance of the event. With her impressionist art style, Daines conveys the peaceful atmosphere of enjoying tea and conversation amid the excitement of the races in a charming snapshot of this quintessentially British event. The vivid colours, atmospheric shadow and pronounced textures help us feel the grass at our feet, the warmth on our skin and hear the laughter and excitement of the scene. 


Painting of afternoon tea at Ascot


Sherree Valentine Daines' new collection reinforces her status as one of Britain's leading modern impressionists. It is a captivating collection, paying homage to the elegance and charm of Royal Ascot, and you’d be welcome into the gallery to enjoy ‘The Colour and Glamour of Ascot’.



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