Bringing Summer Into Your Home, Where You Can Enjoy It Every Day

Paul Evans landscape art


As we all enjoy the benefits of longer days, warmth and fresh breezes, you wouldn’t be alone in wishing for a way to give sunshine a more permanent - and reliable - place in your world.

With art you can create an environment which brings you joy and, choosing the right pieces, you can bring summer into your home year round.

We, at the Rose Gallery, have picked out some stunning summer favourites to bring you brightness which will keep the clouds away.

Beautiful Moments in Real Lives

Sherree Valentine Daines captures the British summer beautifully with her evocative, impressionistic works. Whether your vision of summer is elegant ladies enjoying champagne at Ascot or heartwarming children playing with sand at the seaside, Sheree captures bright sunny days with affection.

Sherree Valentine Daines art

Joyful Characters in Glorious Landscapes


Sam Toft art
Sam Toft has created a glorious world with friendly characters and warm humour. Particularly inspired by her Brighton home, she brings us beach huts and caravans, piers and paddling, in works which celebrate her vision of English coastal life. 


Also inspired by the beauty and eccentricity of life on the British coast, Rebecca Lardner grew up in Dorset and continues to be influenced by this stunning coastline. Featuring all that makes for life in a small coastal town - colourful houses, birds, animals and boats - these pieces are so full of life you’ll keep seeing new elements to love.

Sasha Harding is an inspired artist, working with characters and scenes to create stories which only become paintings at the final stage. For Sasha, the sea is refreshing and inspiring, something conveyed clearly in her illustrations of coastal life with friendly characters and inviting landscapes.

Sasha Harding art

Unexpected Visitors in Inspired Scenes


Steve Tandy art
Inspired by 50s and 60s pop culture, Steve Tandy brings us unusual visitors in scenes which evoke places and scenes from a variety of influences. He transforms these scenes with surprising wildlife - polar bears, tigers and penguins are favourites - to entertain us and prompt consideration of these creatures' own natural habitat.



Mixed Media in Vibrant Townscapes

Tom Butler uses mixed media in collage throughout his work, reflecting the essence of the places he visits not only with line and colour but texture too. With works celebrating the serene Riviera and the vibrant Cornish coast, these pieces will pull you into worlds you won’t want to leave.

Tom Butler art

Summer Light in Sweeping Landscapes

If summer for you is stunning landscapes, abundant floral meadows and soft but vibrant light, Paul Evans has captured your summer. Conveying the glory of nature through exquisite detail within stunning abstract beauty, these scenes are breathtaking.

Paul Evans art

Barry Hilton brings us dramatic landscapes with intense colours and a fine touch bringing real texture and depth. In these pieces he plays with light and colour so that, instead of recreating reality, he creates his own version of the place asking you to connect with his reality and immerse yourself in it. 

Barry Hilton art

Exquisite Detail in Stunning Sea Scenes 

Known for his ‘extreme art’ - painting in unexpected and dangerous locations, Philip Gray’s seascapes are awe-inspiring pieces capturing his love of the sea and reflecting his admiration of everything the ocean has to offer. These moments he has captured offer calm, peace and power in vast landscapes you’ll love.

Philip Gray

For a more intimate picture of the sea, explore the work of Mary Shaw who returned from travelling to rediscover a love of the English countryside. Her works depict delicate flowers with exquisite detail, often hiding a butterfly, kingfisher or field mouse - the way the stunning floral elements frame a calm blue sea allows us to peek into both worlds and enjoy the view.

Mary Shaw landscape art

We can help

Whatever summer means to you, we’re happy to have pieces which will inspire the joy and sunshine you’re looking for. If you’d like to talk to one of our advisors we’d be pleased to help - get in touch, here or visit our curated summer collection here.


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