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John Waterhouse


Which television events do you look forward to? 

For many of us, Sky’s Landscape Artist of the Year will be one of those events. Recently returned to our screens, we’re happy to welcome Joan and Stephen back into our homes, and  meet the new contestants. This show is an opportunity to explore British landscapes, meet talented artists and see the creative process at work - what more could we ask?

It’s made us, here at the Rose Gallery, review our walls with an eye to the bigger picture and stunning views around us.

Places to Lose Yourself

One artist we’re extremely excited about at the moment is Paul Evans, he provides us with the kind of landscapes you can truly lose yourself in. Whether we’re at the beach, in Coastal Flowers, deep in the forest of Springtime, or traipsing the countryside in Wild Summer Meadow; Evans’ expansive points of view are truly immersive with their stunning foregrounds, alive with colour and movement.

Paul Evans bluebell wood art

In fact, if losing yourself in a dreamy forest is your thing, you should certainly explore the work of Inam. With lush woodlands shouting the joy of the seasons, these are pieces which definitely invite you to explore.

Inam art

Places of Dreams and Wonder

Similarly, the works of John Waterhouse also invite you to wander deep into new worlds. Pieces like Seeking Adventure use shadows, reflections, minimalist palettes and subdued colours to create worlds which seem to reflect dreams as much as reality. 

John Waterhouse landscape

While Dan Crisp has also created abstract worlds which play with light and shadows, feeling familiar even in their fantasy - A New Dawn uses rare lines and colours to bring us a beautiful winter morning while High Summer again leaves us in no doubt of the subject.

Dan Crisp art

Or, if it’s awe-inspiring works you’re looking for, you might have a look at Philip Gray’s stunning pieces. Whether you want to explore the amazing colours of the ocean in Colours of the Deep, Peaceful Shores - where the sky, sea and sand meet or astonishing mountainscapes in Blazing Clouds or Scaling New Heights, these are landscapes which will transport you.

Philip Gray

Places to Share

Alternatively, you may be looking for a landscape which is less solitary; we have some of those too. 

Chris Ross Williamson brings us inviting landscapes and walks with his creation Garfield Eldritch, and his faithful companion dog Barton Darcy. Crossing the purple heathland in Dunwich Heath or enjoying The Cliff Walk, the place is especially inviting with a familiar friend to accompany you.

Chris Ross Williamson

The characters in Carolyn Pavey’s works are often animal rather than human - with the Fox in the Meadow introducing you to the delights of his hilly green countryside and the black and white creatures an integral part of Badger’s Moon. You might also enjoy exploring the British countryside and cities with Joe Ramm, or visiting the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne of the past with Leigh Lambert and those who inhabit his world.

Landscape Art to Transform Your View

Exploring those pieces which reflect our landscapes, it’s surprising the variety you can find.

If you are drawn to art which transports you, we’d be happy to help you find the view you’re looking for. CLICK HERE visit our curated landscape collection.

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