Unusual Art Pieces With A Little Something More

Doug Hyde punk rock sculpture


When you’re looking for art for your home, it’s likely you’re hoping to find a piece that says something about you - and that may be something a little different.

Mixed media art combines different artistic media creating texture and collage, even 3D effects or lighting. The methods and materials used in these artworks allow artists to express their ideas in new ways, combining objects and subjects with varied techniques achieving unusual effects.

An increasing number of the artists you’ll see at the Rose Gallery are including these elements into their pieces. We’re presenting some truly exciting works with a detail and vibrancy that takes you deep into their story, giving you perspectives to consider which aren’t otherwise possible.

We’d like to look at some examples of our current works which showcase these methods.

Unexpected Materials

Bram Reijinders is a Dutch artist who has developed his art while travelling the world, he sees art as a positive action with his works created from billboards ripped off walls in different cities. Cutting and burning these posters, he then creates his works on these bases and completes his urban and pop culture images with a smooth, lush finish.

Creating landscapes and city scenes using collage and mixed media, Tom Butler might include print for emotion or humour as well as texture and tone. His pieces have a real sense of place whether that’s the brightness and vibrancy of London and New York, or the calm reflections of the Riviera or Cornish coast.

The British artist Mr Sly has gone a step further, presenting his pop-culture graphics on skate decks providing icons of the 20th century a home on maple wood boards using spray paint and resin - these pieces really stand out.

Mr Sly

Embellishing the Truth?

Mr Sly doesn’t just create his work on unusual bases, he also uses a variety of media within the image. A recent example included diamond dust to elevate the piece Can’t Buy Me Love providing a spectacular effect.

Another gallery favourite, Dan Pearce, includes unusual embellishments within his work as well as using various sprays and materials to create textures which give body to his work. The combination of colours, effects and media come together to create stunning artwork with a lot to say.

Dan Pearce art

The Third Dimension

Roy’s People is the name taken by British artist Roy Tyson who often includes 3D elements in his work; using miniature people he encourages you to change your perspective when considering the pieces he’s put in front of you. His current series allows his tiny people to interact with recognisable artworks including Banksy, Hirst and Pollock.

Roy's People

Lighting it Up

Doug Hyde is one of the UK’s best-selling artists with his warm engaging characters which reach out from the frame, or the sculpture, to draw you in. Despite his recognisable style “Using a smile as his starting point”, Doug continues to develop new ideas. Inspired by a trip to Japan, where neon signs filled the landscape, he has created new works with unmissable lighting which conveys his “public, private message.”

Doug Hyde circular art

Taking Another Look

Another exciting development is the use of lenticular science to create images which change depending on your position and viewing. 

Dan Pearce has been developing pieces which showcase this incredible technique, including Why So Serious with an iconic image of The Joker embellished and presented in Dan’s street art style. 

With Never Give Up we can see an example of Doug Hyde’s lenticular work. Influenced by retro gaming, he presents a Rubik’s cube shifting from muddled to complete - a work aiming to inspire and motivate.

There’s so much more to wall art than paint on canvas, on our walls you’ll find examples of so many vibrant styles and unusual themes. Of course you can browse our website for inspiration, but we’d also love to welcome you into the gallery and show you round.

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