Payment Options Case Study, Mr Brainwash

Case Study: Finish Your Home With Art of Quality

Mr Brainwash - The King

Peter and Grace’s Story

Living locally in a Northamptonshire village, Peter and Grace had taken two long years to build their dream house. The couple have a wonderful sense of style and were excited to be in a position to finish their stunning home with artwork which would do it justice.

Payment Options Providing Greater Opportunities

Many of us invest time and money, working to create a home which we love. Whether we buy and transform or build from scratch, we develop our style and bring together things we love to create a space which is truly ours.

Having built their own beautiful house, Peter and Grace were excited to bring it to life with their furnishings and artwork - pieces they’d bought throughout their time together. But one hallway was bare, the couple had nothing to place in this central area and they wondered if it would have to remain that way.

Mr Brainwash artwork

Building the house had taken up all Peter and Grace’s budget, who were disappointed to realise there wasn’t enough money left to dress the space to the standard they wanted. This was when they visited us at the Rose Gallery and found out about our payment options which would enable them to finish the house they way they had hoped to.

Using DivideBuy (the gallery’s interest free option), to split the payments on their purchase, the couple were able to invest in two pieces of limited edition Mr Brainwash artwork which truly transformed their home.  

The final touches

Investing in, and completing, their lengthy building project, Grace and Peter were understandably excited to enjoy their new home. Being in a position to fill those blank walls with art which - instead - brings them joy every day, has made such a difference to the experience. 


Having been delighted by the service they received at the gallery, and the support they’ve had from the team, they told us:

“The Rose gallery came to the rescue… We have not had to compromise on style and quality thanks to the Rose Gallery.”

Mr Brainwash

We understand there may be barriers stopping you creating the home you’ve dreamed of, investing in artwork which will transform your space. We’re pleased to offer a number of flexible payment options - not only DivideBuy but Klarna, Paypal and Shop Pay - which offer different services depending on your needs. Please, talk to us about what you are looking for and we’ll see how we can help.  You can call us, send a message, or pop in to the gallery from 9.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday-Saturday. 

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