Nicky Litchfield Artist Profile: Captivated By Your Delightful New Friends?

We’ve all experienced that reaction to a portrait, feeling the eyes watching you and wondering what the subject was thinking.

What about when the eyes facing you belong to a hare? Or donkey? Pascal the lamb or Nosy Nellie the calf, are among the cast of characters introduced to us by Nicky Litchfield - and they are captivating one and all.


Nicky Litchfield artwork of a cow

Original Animal Art - Let Us Introduce You

Nicky Litchfield is a talented British artist based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. She has been inspired by the animal characters she meets since spending weekends and summers at her grandparents farm in her youth. The way Nicky presents her rural subjects, you can feel her real affection for them, recognising the character of each animal before you.

Having won the Animal Category or the Society for All Artists, Artist of the Year in 2008, the popularity of her work keeps growing. Creating her works mostly with oil and pastels, you might also see pencil or charcoal sketches which seem to show how Nicky brings these animals to life. 

And, whether you see Nicky out in the countryside or at her gallery in Clitheroe, she’s likely to be enjoying the company of her companion Max, the dog. 


Nicky Litchfield artwork of a cow

Affordable Art Prints, the perfect art gift

We’re so fortunate at the Rose Gallery to be able to share with you a number of opportunities to enjoy Nicky’s work. 

Adorning our walls - and ready for yours - are a wonderful range of limited edition pieces likely to steal your heart: inquisitive lambs, cheeky foxes and playful pups. And if you visit the Rose Gallery right now, you also have the chance to enjoy some of Nicky’s original pieces, stunning works which will charm, even enchant, you.

Enjoy these friendly faces as you take some time out in the Love Lunch cafe at Bell and introduce yourself to us. We’d love the chance to meet you and share some of Nicky Litchfield’s beautiful work.

Nicky Litchfield artwork of a fox

If you aren’t able to come into the gallery to visit, you can check out all Nicky’s works HERE ONLINE, and if you have any questions we’d be happy to help.

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