Commissioning Artwork Case Study, Craig Alan

Case Study: Remembering a Loved One With Art That Tells Your Story

Craig Alan commissioned piece

Catherine’s Story

Catherine’s grandmother was a remarkable woman and when she passed away at 93 the family decided to find an artwork with which to remember her. Working with Craig Alan, they were able to commission the perfect piece.


How a Commissioned Artwork Created the Perfect Memorial

Craig Alan commissioned piece

Catherine’s grandmother was a real character. Remembering her fondly, the family told us about her open fire, and the wood she herself chopped to feed it - using a chainsaw despite their concerns! 

When Catherine’s grandmother died, the family decided to invest their inheritance in an artwork through which they would remember her. Exploring options for something special, they looked at the work of Craig Alan - an artist they love. When Catherine saw, on our website, that Craig was visiting the gallery, she phoned us to confirm they’d like to attend. 

They enjoyed the event, meeting Craig and seeing a wide selection of his work. They’d found a piece featuring a heart which seemed to work until, at the event, they fell in love with a new piece featuring a map. Unfortunately that piece had already been sold. 

Talking to Craig, the family decided that the perfect solution was a commission. Taking the existing map piece as a starting point, Grandma was added to the crowd, and Craig developed other changes in colour as well as adding the UK and US flags to further customise the piece.

Unique Art Celebrating a Unique Character

Catherine's grandma with her chainsaw - by Craig Alan

Craig Alan’s visit to the gallery was the perfect opportunity for Catherine and the family to look at what was available in his catalogue and - more importantly - talk to Craig himself about what they really wanted. Discovering they could have something truly unique which celebrated Grandma was something they hadn’t considered before this.

Craig worked from photos of Grandma which the family sent him to make sure he got her exactly right. The family waited 12 months for their final piece but when they saw it they loved it straight away with Catherine telling us she was surprised at how emotional she got.

“My mum was bowled over by Grandma in the painting, it was beyond all our expectations.”

Commissions aren’t just for memorials, you might choose a commission for a celebration or to get exactly the right piece for your home. 

If you are interested in your favourite artist creating a personal piece just for you, we’d love to talk. You can call us, send a message, or pop in from 9.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday-Saturday.

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