• Payment Options Case Study, Mr Brainwash

    Payment Options Case Study, Mr Brainwash
    Living locally in a Northamptonshire village, Peter and Grace had taken two long years to build their dream house. The couple have a wonderful sense of style and were excited to be in a position to finish their stunning home with artwork which would do it justice.
  • Investment Artwork Case Study, Mr. Brainwash

    Investment Artwork Case Study, Mr. Brainwash
    Kate’s story Kate has a beautiful home near Colchester and continues to enjoy enriching the space in her own style. We think she’s done an amazing job, introducing the street art style of Mr Brainwash into this cosy and traditional room.
  • Mr Brainwash Collector Exclusive

    Mr Brainwash Collector Exclusive | Long Live the King
    Mr Brainwash introduces an exciting investment opportunity for our collectors. In celebration of the King Charles' Coronation, 'Long Live the King' will be a timed release available until Monday 24th April at an exclusive pre-release price ahead of it's official release date of 25th April.Sales of the edition will then be closed on Monday 8th May and the edition size will be counted based on the number of orders taken....

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