When the Rose Gallery's Dinah Met Mr Sly

Mr Sly


One of the joys of working at the Rose Gallery is seeing exciting new pieces arrive and considering how to show them off to the world.

When we received two new Mr Sly releases a couple of weeks ago, there was a particular spot on the wall which was perfect for them. Happy with how they looked, the team did what we do with new releases - we shared a picture on Instagram and let Mr Sly’s team know, sending some pictures across to them.

Mr Sly’s work has become increasingly popular and always has a great reception in the gallery. We've found that visitors love the sculptural feel of them, the way they come off the wall towards you, making them hard to ignore. 

Calling himself an ‘Urban Pop Artist’, Mr Sly creates mixed media collages combining 20th century icons and bold graphic images. Using his experience in photo restoration and graphic design, he is continually developing his work bringing in new media such as embellishments and neon. Born in Liverpool, his artwork is as comfortable on the streets as in the Saatchi Art gallery, spreading its influence internationally as his following grows. 

Mr Sly artwork of Blondie

Inspiration and Execution - The Work of Mr Sly  

Having shared our pictures with the team, we were thrilled to receive a message back from Mr Sly himself. And this, of course, is the absolute highlight of our work, a chance to talk with our artists. This was an opportunity not to be missed so Dinah made the most of it, with an impromptu interview by text message.

Having shared her love for Heath Ledger (who’s Joker is the subject of ‘Why So Serious’), Dinah asked if Mr Sly would share some thoughts about his inspiration and process. “So, my artwork is inspired by different icons. I try to put in a quote that relates to that person and subject - all inspired by pop culture, music and movies.” 

Mr Sly artwork of Heath Ledger as the Joker

Describing the process, Mr Sly goes on “It’s a bit of a long process but I love it, especially once complete. I try and make my pictures look like it’s a mash of two different times. Like an alternative version of that icon but with a modern twist.”

It’s all in the detail

We hope you enjoyed getting our insider knowledge on these amazing originals and hope this insight encourages you to step in and have a closer look at the art on our walls.

Do come in and see us or CLICK HERE to visit Mr Sly's collection online.

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