A Guide to Hanging Art

A guide to hanging art

We’re big on hanging (and then rehanging) at the Rose Gallery. But if you’re not in a Gallery environment, how should you display your art collection?

One big piece can look amazing as a focal point in a room. In fact, even a small space can usually fit a bigger painting than you might imagine. This gives the dramatic, uncluttered finish which interior designers love. Large paintings are particularly successful above sofas and often get rid of the need for patterned wallpaper (although we do love a dramatic contrast too!)


We also love geometrical hanging - two things the same size together as a pair can look stunning. Three in a row? Even better! This style of display looks great with similar things framed in the same mounts and mouldings to draw them together into a coherent display. Careful measurement is then required to make sure that they sit straight and even on the wall

A gallery wall selection of smaller things can also look amazing. These can be made up of a wide array of things - paintings, prints, photographs - framed in the same frames or in similar colours of moulding. The current fashion for a hotch-potch of different frames is something we love too: you just have to commit to an eclectic look!

However you hang, a good starting point is to hang slightly lower than you think. Gallery lore has it that the eye-level of an average height person is a magic 57 inches from the floor and that is where the centre of a painting should sit for best viewing. Of course this depends a little bit on the proportions of your room and whether there is furniture below. As a general rule, though 57 to 63 inches is a good starting point for hanging.

If many things are to be displayed together, the 57 rule can be used for the first piece and the others can be arranged offset around it - laying things out on the floor first can be a good way to find out what works without having to invest in a big pot of wall filler!

We are always happy to advise you on hanging. We can arrange for your eclectic art collection to be re-mounted and framed to look even better together. We can also source matching pairs or even trios of prints or paintings if you are looking for a triptych! We also have lots of large original prints and original paintings and would be delighted to help you find the perfect thing for your space.  You can contact us by calling The Rose Gallery on 01604 713743 or emailing info@therosegallery.co.uk

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