A renowned and well-established Israeli artist, Uri Dushy creates bold mixed media artwork emblematic of decades up to and including the 1960s. Featuring music references, popular myths and his own imagination, his works of art are a nod to the pop culture of previous years; in his words, he wants to "spark the imagination of the viewer."

Uri wishes to defy artistic and cultural conventions through his artwork, both challenging and mastering professional production processes. Each of his pieces features a unique 3D metal cut-out, adding to the street-art feel and giving his canvas a 'floating' effect, as if the art is radiating from the wall.

Dushy's work is now exhibited around the globe, with his impressive public sculptures found in numerous cities throughout Israel.

Icons Follow Your Heart - Original
Icons - Follow Your Heart is an Original artwork by the acclaimed artist Uri Dushy, the most recognisable symbol of love is the form of a heart. This colourful wall art captures a host of iconic figures, with Audrey Hepburn,...

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