Nicky Litchfield Commissions
We adore the work of Nicky Litchfield and know that you do too! Putting a new piece on the gallery wall always brings joy - and we love seeing each new character's vivid personality brighten up your walls too. This Spring, we’re offering you to see your own pet turned into a Nicky Litchfield portrait. Commission a pet portrait from Nicky Litchfield and  treasure your portrait for a lifetime.
Choose a selection of favourite photographs of your pet in as high resolution as possible showing clearly their colouring, any specific markings and eye colour as clear as possible.
Write a couple of lines describing your pet and any quirky mannerisms and characteristics they have, this will help Nicky to get the feel of your pet's personality
Commissioned portraits are generally 43cm by 21cm, 66cm by 44cm Framed. Other sizes could be available on request at artists discretion price to be discussed
The number of comissions Nicky is able to accept is limited, we encourage early discussion so you are not disappointed. Prices start from £1800 with a lead time of 6-12 months.

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