Todd White, Artist Profile - Introducing The Devil You Know

Here at the Rose Gallery we love a new collection, and autumn has brought us something special. Vibrant colours, provocative characters and glamorous scenes are presented with a sense of fun we think you’ll love. 

With his new new collection The Devil You Know, we’d like to introduce you to Todd White.

Todd was born in Texas in 1969, a beginning which he himself describes as ‘humble’. In his twenties, he moved to Hollywood to work in the animation field where he was incredibly successful. He spent time working at renowned production studios including as part of the lead team for hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

While enjoying success in his day job, Todd explored other artistic work away from the animation studios; exploring styles and concepts, he established working methods which now guide his solo artistic projects. 



Telling a Story

Whether it’s his background in animation or just how Todd works, the story is integral to every piece he creates.

He describes his process; starting by naming the piece, he then visualises faces and personalities developing a story for each character. As he describes it, Todd won’t paint at all until he can see the story in his head. 


Todd White Boots Like These

His latest collection are incredible examples of this, with each piece full of detail and atmosphere introducing you to people and worlds ready to explore - seductive, dangerous and ‘Bad For Your Health’.

While Todd’s figurative art portrays stylistic rather than realistic characters, you are likely to recognise elements of these individuals; their attitudes and poses are all created from the artist’s focus and his eye for detail. He has been described as “a compulsive observer of detail, always studying and absorbing figures, faces and features. Subconsciously, he spends his life people-watching - scribbling down sketches whatever the situation (often on napkins, even tablecloths) to record an idea for his next work.


Todd White The Confession

Hollywood Glamour

Back in 2007 Todd White’s position as an artist was soaring when he was chosen as the official artist of the GRAMMY Awards. This was followed in 2009 by an invasion from Warner Bros to contribute to their celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz.

Further exciting opportunities and recognition followed which have brought him attention across the globe; he counts many high profile celebrity collectors as his followers including Abbey Clancey, Sharon Stone, Sylvestor Stallone and Mary J. Blige. Perhaps his witty observations of the shadier side of glamour is what has led to that appeal.

His works are widely recognised and collectable, portraying an enticing view into his spotlit world.

The Devil You Know

His latest offerings bring more of his bright figurative creations to our walls, introducing glamour with bad behaviour and a sense of humour. Each piece tells the story of recognisable characters from everyday life and our own reactions to them.

Todd White believes that each viewer will be drawn to make their own interpretation of his art. He has shared his inspiration for his most recent collection; seductive women, the world of dating and work, our inability to walk away from temptation, and the power and influence which comes with beauty - his call is for you to make your own judgments.

Todd’s work is recognisable and incredibly popular, these striking pieces have so much impact on the wall - we’d love to welcome you to the gallery to see your yourself.



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