Investment Artwork Case Study, Mr. Brainwash

Case Study: Refine Your Home and Invest in Your Future with Contemporary Art

Here at the Rose Gallery, we know that there are all sorts of different reasons why people buy art. One thing we don't talk about very often is art as a financial investment, but it is certainly a consideration for some of our visitors. As a team, we keep an eye on the value of work by our artists. There's something wonderful about knowing our previous customers who fell in love with a little known artist are not only benefitting from art they enjoy but a sound investment.

We can help you find art that works for you and your home, but had you considered that we can also help you find art which will grow in value?
Comfortable home lounge with stunning Mr Brainwash artwork

Kate’s story

Kate has a beautiful home near Colchester and continues to enjoy enriching the space in her own style. We think she’s done an amazing job, introducing the street art style of Mr Brainwash into this cosy and traditional room. 

Understanding Your Style, Enhancing Your Home

Mr Brainwash Queen of Hearts

We first heard from Kate in April 2022 when she was looking for The Queen of Hearts’ by Mr Brainwash. Having found the piece with the Rose Gallery online, she got in touch and the team were able to support Kate with the purchase, discussing her needs and ensuring she received the artwork promptly and safely.

Building a relationship through the course of this purchase, our team were pleased to keep Kate updated with new releases she might be interested in. We knew when ‘Long Live the King’ was released by Mr Brainwash in May 2023, that Kate would be interested.

Despite not being local to the gallery, Kate has told us how much she values the support she gets from the team. Knowing what she is interested in, we have been able to send simple WhatsApp messages - with information or pictures - so that she can reply to us in her own time. It was one of these messages, with an image of the second royal portrait, which enabled her to complete this striking pairing.

It’s only through getting to know the interests of our customers that we are able to provide the exceptional service we aim for. Helping Kate establish her style within her space is something we are thrilled to be part of. Of course, not all our visitors already know the piece they are looking for, nonetheless, our broad catalogue and experience can help anyone find the artwork which moves them.

An Investment

Mr Brainwash Long Live the King

Transforming your house into a home, developing a look which inspires and moves you, these are the reasons most of our customers buy art. The purchase of ‘The Queen of Hearts’ was exactly that, Kate investing in the family home with a piece which would make her happy. But she gained a lot more than that.

Mr Brainwash is a widely loved artist who’s pieces are very much in demand and have consistently fetched more than their asking price when sold at auction. In the year after Kate bought her first Mr Brainwash limited edition, we were pleased to be able to keep her updated as it increased in value. Not only are these two works an investment in the home she is creating, but they have been a sound financial investment too. 

“I’ve had excellent service over the last three years and have always been kept up to date with new exciting artwork - you’ve helped us to make our house a fabulous home. Keeping in touch by WhatsApp is great, even though I’m miles away and buying online you still make it personal.”

Our website allows people outside the local area to access our artworks but, more than that, we are committed to provide the same standards of customer service to our online customers as those who visit us in the gallery.  You'll find more from Mr Brainwash in our extensive Urban and Pop Art collection

If you’d like an in-person or virtual home-consultation, or any other information about our art or services, we’d love to talk - you can call us, send a message, or pop in from 9.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday-Saturday.

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