Steve Tandy – Licenced to Chill

Steve Tandy is a fresh, new artist to The Rose Gallery, whose star is rapidly rising in the UK contemporary art world thanks to his ingenious 50’s and 60’s pop culture-influenced pieces. However, there is a defining detail that sets his work apart from others in the genre: the fact that in the spaces usually occupied by people, Tandy features animals. Polar Bears, Penguins and Pandas take centre stage in these quirky and colourful paintings, adding an injection of humour and style, and giving the animals an almost human-like quality.

The image of a panda casually sitting atop a retro motorcycle is certainly not typical of traditional animal artwork, but the wit with which Tandy creates his unusual compositions only adds charm and personality to already much-loved species. Not only this, but Steve occasionally provides a more serious commentary on the environment through his use of non-human subjects, including subtle hints about caring for the planet and climate change. It would be easy for the light-heartedness and humour of his compositions to clash with these more melancholy messages, but instead Steve creates artwork that captures the magical essence of wildlife art with an original twist.

The 50’s and 60’s settings of Steve Tandy’s pieces are highly reminiscent of David Hockney’s renowned paintings, and the former actually names Hockney as a primary influencer in his style, as well as icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol. Tandy boasts vast knowledge of the art world and his artistic ability has been visible since an early age, though he is an almost entirely self-taught artist, developing his skills through years of practice and dedication. Born in Manchester, his adoration of art grew throughout his childhood, though he didn’t originally pursue his passion as a career, believing it wasn’t possible. In a stroke of luck, he was eventually scouted by a high profile gallery.

Today, Steve has gained worldwide recognition, and his artwork is displayed in galleries across the world. He believes “art should either make you think or make you smile, I’d like to think my work does both.”- we’re sure anyone who lays eyes on his beautiful pieces would agree. All of Steve’s latest new affordable limited edition artwork is on display in our Northamptonshire gallery including my personl favourite ‘Licenced to chill’, Bond movie inspired with a casino theme the perfect choice for a games room!  Why not come see Steve Tandy’s artwork in the Gallery, or visit


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