Floral Artwork – Bringing Colour & Beauty to Your Home

Flowers: the delicate, vibrant subjects of centuries of artwork, and an eternal trend in the art world. From Van Gogh’s sunflowers and Monet’s water lilies to O’Keeffe’s irises and Warhol’s buttercups, flowers have featured on the walls of galleries across the world. But don’t be mistaken- floral artwork should not just be relegated to museums or your grandmother’s curtains. We’ve collated the work of several contemporary artists, who will show you that floral pieces are a timeless and beautiful addition to any home.

Mary Shaw is a British born and based artist who depicts the charm of the English countryside in her unique paintings. Completely self-taught, she combines different media to create intricate artwork full of life, bringing the beauty of the wilderness right into your home. Her talent lies in her ability to create pieces that immediately transport you back to
blissful summer days and memories of sun-drenched picnics in flowery fields. Mary even uses diamond dust on each of her pieces, so they have added sparkle and glimmer! Mary Shaw visited the gallery on Saturday 18th May, delighted customers popped in to experience the Summer magic and watched her paint in person! Mary was on hand to discuss her inspiration and techniques with a showcase of her Original artwork.

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama provides an abstract and more typically contemporary approach to floral art in her colourful pieces. An internationally renowned artist, her impressionistic style has garnered her much popularity, and with one glance at her artwork, it’s easy to see
why; each piece is bursting at the seams with life and vitality, displaying flowers in an impactful yet detailed way. Roses and cherry blossoms flourish on backgrounds of tones that seem to melt into each other effortlessly. Danielle’s work has a wider appeal than floral images alone, many of her paintings have a wider spiritual sense. As an artist, she has studied sumi-e, Japanese brush painting and been awarded the prestigious, Master’s seal for outstanding work.
But for those who appreciate a more traditional floral painting, look no further than the gorgeous work of Mia Tarney. Floral art is Mia’s specialty, and she captures a variety of flowers, such as hydrangeas and peonies, in the most exquisite photo-realistic style, using soft tones and muted backdrops. Her artwork is highly sought-after, and perfectly encapsulates the message that floral art can be classic but is ultimately everlasting.

For further floral art inspiration, why not check out our carefully curated selection on our website- just click on the ‘Floral Art’ category under ‘Art Collections’ at
www.therosegallery.co.uk, or visit us in the gallery to have a look at some pieces in person- we’re sure you’ll come away feeling inspired as Spring blossoms into Summer!

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