• Mr Brainwash - A Street Art Phenomenon

    Mr Brainwash - A Street Art Phenomenon
    Los Angeles-based artist Mr Brainwash has gained international acclaim in recent years for his bold and beautiful graffiti-style artwork, earning numerous accolades and celebrity collectors around the globe. Formerly a French street artist, whose real name is Thierry Guetta, he first made his mark on the art world with his debut 2008 show ‘Life Is Beautiful’, and has since grown notoriety for the impressive...
  • Marvelous Stan Lee

    Marvelous Stan Lee
    Marvelous Stan Lee   From rogue crayon doodles on his parent’s walls to having his work exhibited and collected around the world, Craig Alan’s prominence in the contemporary art world is something his earnestly creative 7-year-old self could have only dreamed of!     With his distinct style of using hundreds of tiny figures to create portraits of world-renowned icons, Craig has captured the...
  • Steve Tandy – Licenced to Chill

    Steve Tandy – Licenced to Chill
    Steve Tandy is a fresh, new artist to The Rose Gallery, whose star is rapidly rising in the UK contemporary art world thanks to his ingenious 50’s and 60’s pop culture-influenced pieces. However, there is a defining detail that sets his work apart from others in the genre: the fact that in the spaces usually occupied by people, Tandy features animals. Polar Bears, Penguins...
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