Craig Alan: the story behind "From the Ground Up"


In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, artist Craig Alan created “From the Ground Up”, an incredible six-story mural in his home city of Atlanta which depicts a phoenix rising out of the ashes made of hundreds of tiny people coming together to form the image.

The mural - his first outside of his studio - celebrates the people that have contributed to growing the city but it also became a poignant symbol at a time of building unity to fight the pandemic.

“My hope for this piece is people will look up and stop and reflect on the fact that we’re all bigger and part of something other than our own selves…that it’s not necessarily the troubles that you’re currently in but it’s how you rise up from that.” - Craig Alan.


We’re thrilled that “From the Ground Up” is now available as a US Limited Edition. From an edition size of just 75, it's a breathtaking piece of work.


See online for more details about the piece by clicking here or call the gallery team on 01604 713743.

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