Introducing Gary Walton Remarques Editions

Gary Walton remarques editions


The Rose Gallery has received two new stunning remarques editions by best-selling artist Gary Walton.

The artworks are in Gary's instantly recognisable whimsical and fun style but with the special touch of the remarque detail.

What makes a remarque different?

A remarque print is a limited edition that features an original hand drawn sketch by the artist, normally in the margins of the artwork. For collectors, this makes the artwork more valuable and it's also wonderful to have a personalised piece of work by the artist.

Gary Walton remarques artwork


Each copy has been painstakingly and lovingly hand remarqued by Gary, making them truly unique. They are also limited to just 50 copies and have sold out with the publisher pre-release.


The Flight Home

Mounted: 68x68cms, Framed: 72x69cms

£220 mounted  /  £340 framed




Gary Walton remarques

Snuggling Up

Mounted: 68x68cms, Framed: 72x69cms

£220 mounted  /  £340 framed




These two editions are not currently available for sale to the public until 14th February but Rose Gallery customers are able to exclusively pre-order before their general release.

Call us on 01604 713743 to secure your edition.


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