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About Fabian Perez


Tango en San Telmo By Fabian Perez


For those that love the craft and beauty of figurative painting, the work of Fabian Perez will stop you in your tracks. Fabian takes inspiration from his fascinating upbringing in the back streets of Argentina, but his artistic skill in creating sophisticated, seductive art that has led him to huge international success.


Born in the capital Buenos Aires in 1967, Fabian had a tumultuous childhood. His father was a charismatic man with a difficult life, owning a number of brothels and illegal nightclubs which meant he was frequently running from the law. But the scenes he witnessed as a young boy during this time left a deep impression and led to a lifelong fascination with the underground world of city nightlife.


He often draws on his father for inspiration when painting male figures, as the brooding cool guy at the bar and he remembers the beautiful women he would see in the clubs or dancing the tango. His narrative style has an extraordinary ability to draw us in to a scene and we wonder about the intriguing lives of his subjects.


It was Fabian’s artistic mother that encouraged him to pursue his talents and ultimately his creativity led him to a better life. Incredibly considering his talent, he has never received any formal training in painting. He developed his style and skillset over a number of years through a deep love of art and painting portraits of his friends and family. In particular he is influenced by artists such as Picasso, Sargent and Cezanne – but his work is unmistakably his own, with its distinctive interplay between shadows and light. Not wanting to limit his style, Fabian created his own movement, called Neo Emotionalism, which he says places emphasis on emotion and dramatic narrative,

“I do not want to paint on canvas, I want to let my feelings become shapes on the canvas without thinking about the results – letting my experiences tell their own story with each brushstroke” – Fabian Perez.



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