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Fabian Perez | Foremost Figurative Artist of his Generation

20 Jul, 2021

Fabian Perez | Foremost Figurative Artist of his Generation

Internationally acclaimed artist Fabian Perez has firmly established his place at the forefront of the modern art world with his beautifully romantic portraits, inspiring art lovers and transporting us to tango dancefloors and Buenos Aires balconies. 


His worldwide success is undeniable. As well as becoming one of the world's most collected artists, his achievements include being named Artist of the Year by the the official artist of the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to name but a few. Fabian was commissioned to paint a number of influential people in the world, forming part of his Collection of Living Legends. The series included, among many, Pope Francis, actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino, and tennis star Rafael Nadal. It’s not hard to see how Perez has come to be considered one of the greatest figurative painters of our time.



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967, Fabian's parents heavily influenced his creative development. It was his artistic mother who encouraged him to pursue his talents and although he didn’t partake in art classes at school, he drew from a young age, eventually taking a handful of art courses to expand his skillset. However, incredibly he never received any formal training his impressive talent and abilities are the result of a deep love for art.  His formal career as an artist began when he set up small exhibitions near Venice, teaching martial arts alongside to generate a steady income. In the years to come he would continue to develop his painting style and travel the world. 



Fabian’s portraits offer a glimpse into the alluring nightlife and passionate world of Latin culture, often depicting elegant women in unfiltered moments of reflection. Inspired by the women he saw around his father’s illegal nightclubs and bordellos in Buenos Aires, his artwork reflects their carefree nature but also elementof strength, control and sensuality.  In his latest release, Solitaire, we see a sultry beauty relaxing and enjoying a game of cards and a glass of wine.



His narrative style has an extraordinary ability to draw us in to a scene and we wonder about the intriguing lives of his subjects.


His wife Luciana also features in several of his paintings, adding to the sense of intimacy within the paint strokes. There is also a feeling of vitality to Fabian’s work, likely because he believes there is a distinct similarity between music and art -“I compare colour and technique with music and rhythm."


Tango en San Telmo By Fabian Perez




Not wanting to limit his style, Fabian created his own movement, called Neo Emotionalism which he says places emphasis on "emotion, mundane passion, dramatic narrative, and a heady atmosphere." Another characteristic of his work is the interplay between dark and light, like in this original painting below, Anna at the Bar (with Wine) which creates intense emotional impact.



The Rose Gallery offer the latest limited editions by Fabian as well as a selection of Original artwork. If you would like more information or have any questions at all, you can contact us on 01604 713743 or visit the collection online here.

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