Love and Life: The Story of Doug Hyde


Doug Hyde is a Bristol born contemporary artist, who started out as a young artist painting pictures for his family and friends in his spare time. His rise from this time as a virtual unknown to being named in 2005 as the UK's biggest-selling artist and BBC News describing him as the UK's most popular living artist - is nothing short of meteroric!


Doug's unique warmth and charm has led to phenomenal success at home and aboard, but he remains down-to-earth and inspired by life and the people around him. His work features childlike characters that embody everything we cherish and that brings joy - love, friendship, family, pets (especially our faithful dogs, but not forgetting those cats!) - always with an engaging smile and a big slice of humour and fun.


But there is also an emotional energy behind Doug's work. His intention is to provoke a response through his art and during the pandemic, Doug managed to tap into the sentiments of the nation through his art in an extraordinary way. His special edition 'Thank You' which raised over £150,000 for the NHS, was followed by thoughtful piece Love from a Distance which featured a rainbow - a symbol of hope in a troubled year.




Animals have always featured heavily in Doug's art and he uses them in an adorable way to express friendship and generosity. Most recently, in his striking collection of black and white artworks, a family of hedgehogs looking up at the stars in Family Night or his brilliant Land Rover filled with adventure-seeking friends in Overloaded with Love



"After 16 years as a published artist I am still creating art for the same reason as I did all those years ago; because it is my passion; because I love it. I create each piece of artwork because I want to - sometimes for a serious reason, sometimes simply for fun. I believe you should love what you do and be proud of it." - Doug Hyde


The thoughtful and positive messages behind Doug's work means that his artworks are very giftable and here at The Rose Gallery, we love to make someone's gift of art as special as possible with a personalised card. Please do get in touch if we can help arrange a special delivery for you. 



We look forward to continuing to share Doug's creative journey with you.

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