Sue Payton is an award-winning wildlife artist; she creates mesmerizing animal portraiture that captures each unique detail and expression of her subjects. By placing them against a deliberately muted, neutral background, she accentuates the vibrant colours and patterns within the fur, bringing the animals to life. Sue is inspired by big cats as she says they are seen as fearsome predators, yet she endeavours to portray their “softer side” shown through their intelligence and protective instincts.

Before she diverted onto wildlife and animals, she spent years depicting local landscapes in Shropshire. As seen in her vibrant tree paintings.

Sue has been awarded from the Association of Animal Artist exhibitions and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art. She creates her paintings in hope that others may see the impact these majestic animals have on our planet.

“I hope others will fall in love with these magnificent animals as I have and, find a place for them in their hearts and homes”.  


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