Artist Spotlight: Maxim - Exploring Society and Humanity Through Art

Maxim If in Doubt

Have you explored the vibrant world of Urban Art?

Taking inspiration from urban settings, graffiti, and street art, urban art brings these elements together to explore social and political issues with urgency and style. We at the Rose Gallery are lucky to host the works of a number of exciting contemporary urban artists; wonderful creatives who use a variety of media to share their message.

Meet Maxim - Versatile and Talented 

Maxim is one such incredible talent who’s been building his portfolio and presence since his first exhibition, ‘Lepidopterror’ in 2011. Also known as MM (Double M), Maxim’s work celebrates contradiction with pieces combining the beautiful and the sinister, the polished and the chaotic.

Eternal by Maxim

Maxim is no stranger to success, having been one third of the band The Prodigy since 1990. In this time he has travelled extensively, sharing the music of their seven albums, picking up awards, and celebrating incredible chart success. With the band known for fierce lyrics and a vibrant style, it’s exciting to see this same energy in Maxim’s artwork.

Making the most of unusual media - presenting on bone china crockery or mutilated boards - and random objects - bullets, blades and pills - Maxim allows his creative process to evolve without too much planning. 

Strongly influenced by the surrealism of Dali and Bosch - among others, in his own work we see objects placed in unexpected contexts and images which are thought-provoking and challenging. Through this potentially dark and negative imagery however, we can see that Maxim believes in positive outcomes.

He brings about some of these positive outcomes himself, supporting a wide range of charities since 2012 by donating artworks or raising funds. He has supported Childline, the NHS, Shelter, Young Minds (the mental health charity), and research into Breast Cancer.

“In music you are always aiming for perfection, you’re never 100% happy. Art is much more liberating than that; even mistakes can be beautiful.” (Maxim)

See more of Maxim's work here.

Love Bomb Maxim

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