Bring Joy into Your Life with Delightful Animal Art

Steve Tandy - California Cruising

Animal art has always held a special place in our hearts. Whether we’re celebrating our own four-legged friends, enjoying the countryside creatures that appear on our walks, or remembering the exotic wildlife of past travels, there’s a lot to enjoy in Animal Art

Choosing the Right Animal Art for Your Space

From the regal presence of a lion in a study to the playful antics of flocking birds in the sitting room, these artworks hold the power to transform your room. Consider the energy and emotion you want in your space so you can find the right piece to enhance your surroundings.

Would you choose a realistic elephant on safari? An abstract horse in movement? Or an illustrative fox with captivating eyes? 

Anna Wright Side Parting

Anna Wright: Capturing Nature's Whimsy

We’ve recently been enjoying the work of the wonderful artist and illustrator Anna Wright. Her delightful creations are brought to life with the use of Indian ink, fabric, and feathers. Anna's rural upbringing serves as wonderful inspiration, reflected in playful depictions of animals that bring a smile to the face. Her stunning giclee prints use clever techniques which create exceptionally lifelike details, to engage and astonish everyone who sees them. 



Nicky Litchfield The Charmer - Original

Nicky Litchfield: A Celebration of Animal Affection

One of the most popular animal artists in the UK is Nicky Litchfield who's sense of fun and deep affection for animals shines through in her captivating artworks. Depicting dogs, horses, foxes, and other characterful creatures, Nicky's art exudes warmth and tenderness with her subjects peering into view to catch our eye. Her pieces, often created using oil and pastels, have gained widespread adoration, bringing an aura of liveliness and joy to any environment.




Anup Shah Onward framed zebra photography artwork

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