Falling in Love with Art

Falling in Love with Art

Love is in the air with these romantic symbols used by some of our leading artists.


The romantic celebration of Valentine’s day, falling on February 14th, is the occasion to show that special someone just how much you love them. Different cultures around the world express their love with their own unique traditions and symbols. For some, it's through romantic gestures. In Italy, it’s customary for couples to receive ‘Saint Valentine’s Keys’, a symbol of inviting another to unlock your heart.

Cupids and hearts are a prominent feature of Valentine's Day, and have found their way into artwork depicting displays of affection and appreciation. Here, we look at some of our most romantic pieces!


Jenni Murphy’s Limited Edition print ‘Sparkly Love’ is a charming piece portraying a couple running up a hill, hand-in-hand, painting a heart into the night sky using a glittering sparkler.

Jenny is well known for her 'small worlds' approach to her artwork, using tiny characters who are occasionally based around her real life collectors and their stories!


Mackenzie Thorpe is an artist who is no stranger to heart symbolism, with ideas around love and belonging featuring as a distinct characteristic in much of his artwork – ‘Hand in Hand’ is a new Limited Edition print illustrating lovers making their way through a field of heart-shaped flowers, plucking them as they go.


Doug Hyde is another artist with a variety of romantically-themed pieces; one of our favourites is the Limited Edition ‘Together In Love’, which incorporates a more modern Valentine’s token in the form of the Love Hearts sweets.



Sam Toft is one of our most giftable artists with her loveable characters Mr & Mrs Mustard (and lots of furry pals) enjoying their life to the full. Her work is often sentimental and a beautiful way to express caring thoughts.






For those that love a passionate narrative behind their art, the work of master figurative painter Fabian Perez is hard to beat. Inspired by his upbringing in Buenos Aires, Fabian expresses his love for the human form and intimate moments between his subjects as shown here in Proposal at Hotel Du Vin



Craig Alan is one of our best-selling contemporary artists. His artwork never fails to stun viewers in its impact and originality. Craig also often uses themes around love, tied in to this ethos of people coming together in unity, to be part of the 'bigger picture'. All You Need is Love is a new limited edition by Craig. 




If you are looking for a romantic themed artwork, click here to get in touch with our expert team who will be able to find some wonderful suggestions for you to fit your budget or shop our artists online for more inspiration. Until then, may your world and your art be filled with love!

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